Blockchain Creatives

Dark Gold Art

Presenting WATERCOLOR WHIMSY, a delightful collection of 777 images brushstroked onto the blockchain

Watercolor Whimsy

Having drawn fantastic views of our world, now seeking to populate the lands with lovely creatures

Lissome Lovelies

Portraiture in flowing watercolor, in echo of the ever-shifting tides of the world we live in

Wiles & Smiles

Imagery evocative of the gamut of emotions we experience as humans, fleeting wisps captured forever on the blockchain

A Brush With Time

Portraits from different eras and ages, actual and actually-fantastic realms for visual enjoyment

Accessible Abstractions

Add some beauty to your wallet! A little delightful distraction remains welcome in the current clime

Tone & Texture

Each artpiece unique in the array of brushstrokes that bring characters to life, if only in our imaginations

Life & Liberty

Take wing in a realm unfettered by the everyday; an artful escape route from the mundane

Launching This November


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Two minds separated by multiple seas, wandering Web3 together

Artwork visionaries and blockchain connectors looking to add a little beauty to the everyday wallet



Good with sharp objects; may not react well to sudden, unexpected movements. Proud parent to three good doggies and one wayward kitty



Good with shopping for handbags; significantly less discriminating with NFTs. Harassed parent to two kids and one reckless community kitty

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the supply and mint price?

WATERCOLOR WHIMSY is a collection of 777 NFTs. Details about mint pricing and schedule will be released soon.

Which chain will WATERCOLOR WHIMSY be minted on?

WATERCOLOR WHIMSY will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain.

When will the WATERCOLOR WHIMSY mint happen?

Stay tuned for more information

What do we need to know about the mint?

Stay tuned for more information

Will there be an allowlist for WATERCOLOR WHIMSY?

Stay tuned for more information

What is the utility of the WATERCOLOR WHIMSY NFT collection?

WATERCOLOR WHIMSY  is a set of NFTs to be minted onto the Ethereum blockchain as pure artwork. There is no roadmap or plan for any form of utility post-mint at this time.

Will I have commercial rights over any WATERCOLOR WHIMSY NFTs that I own?

Holding a WATERCOLOR WHIMSY NFT will grant you commercial usage rights to the image associated with the NFT that you own.

Holding a WATERCOLOR WHIMSY NFT does NOT grant you the same rights to other images in the WATERCOLOR WHIMSY collection that you do NOT own.

What is an NFT?

NFT stands for “non-fungible token” which are unique digital items that are stored and encrypted on the blockchain that people can buy, own, and trade. 







No Discord – just beautiful artwork

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